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D'Town Diet: 1-Month Vegan Challenge

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Back when Mr. D'Town and I were dating, we led a healthy lifestyle. We worked out regularly, ate healthy food, participate in fun runs and go outdoors. When we discovered I got pregnant, it was funny to note that my preggy cravings rubbed off on my husband. We would have a tub of ice cream every weekend! Leading a "parental" lifestyle led to the infamous "monogamy weight". Our old look and lifestyle seemed far fetched now.

Then, a friend from Facebook shared this very interesting challenge!

So, I decided to email Nancy Siy and she responded right away, armed with information and details about this Vegan revolution. I was assigned a mentor as well and she is very helpful and very approachable. I find her approach very realistic and her suggestions hail from her very own experiences, her own challenges on the road to Veganism.

Mr. D'Town was quite hesitant because it's a massive change to our eating habits... to our lives! Who doesn't like meat and dairy? and pastries? desserts? 

For me? I took this challenge to re-vamp our lifestyle to promote healthy eating habits with our budding little family. I was also excited to think out of the box with my meal plans and the budget for being Vegan. I took the road of raw vegan diet back then and it was a very expensive route to healthy living. This time, I would like to prove that "if there's a will, there's a way." 

Week 1 started on November 9 so we will course through the challenge until December 9. Who knows maybe we will be Vegan for life? If  not, then it's an eye opener for me and my husband. How it drastic and difficult it is to go against the tide of the norms... and how liberating it can be to break the barriers of what you already know then reinventing them in the kitchen.

I am excited with this journey and I hope it gets rubbed off as well with Mr. D'Town (who says, he misses meat already at Day 2 haha!) and with you. A word of caution, this takes dedication and commitment. You'll be surprised that everything we buy on a regular basis like a chocolate drink or bread, they are NOT vegan! This will put you in a real test. Starting is hard, maintaining and finishing it is the real deal. I am crossing my fingers for us to pull through!

Stay tuned next week for Week 1's meal plan and how the journey started! :)


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