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Carrier Review: Onbu by QB

Type of Carrier: Onbu by QB Carrier details: standard size Wrappee:  BabyG (boy)– 12 months – 12kgs Wrapper:  small – chubby build –US size 10
QB or Quality Brand – QB Collection  is a local business from the Northern mountainous regions of the Philippines. The weavers are natives from the Cordillera province – making our locally woven carriers, indeed, come from the sea of clouds and crafted by heavenly hands. Most QB products have native or tribal patterns that are reminiscent of the Cordilleran culture. Babywearing is part of their culture, too.

First glance – For me, it looked like a cross between an SSC and a Mei Tai. The shoulder straps are thinly padded as if it were an SSC and it does not have locks or clasps, instead, it has straps for you to tie and secure your bubba in place.
Design – I like how light-weight it was and how it was not complicated to wear. My reference for wearing this was wearing a Mei Tai. (check out how to wear a Mei Tai here!) I recommend to have a wider panel …

Kindermuzik for Toddlers

Time flew by and now, I have a toddler! Baby G has started walking around (almost running), picking up things, putting toys/stuff into boxes, almost climbed up the railings of our stairway (ayayay!), climbing stairs, back bending maneuvers and a whole lot more. He seems to pick up our daily routine like pretending to put deo on his armpit when he picks up Daddy G's deo, wiping using an eyeglass cloth, throwing his dirty nappies to the trash every time he sees one lying on our bedroom floor. It's so great to see your child immersed into the environment and manages to learn from everything. So, I decided to give a shot at trying some toddler classes and if, better, a trial class first. 

There was A FREE demo class just last Sunday, April 24 at the Dance Studio of Alabang Country Club. 
Cuddle and Bounce (newborn to 12m) 9:00am to 9:30am Sing and Play (13m to 23m) 10:00am to 10:30am Wiggle and Grow (2's and 3's) 11:00am to 11:30am Laugh and Learn (3's and 4's) 11:45am …