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DIY Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Race Car

Baby G’s first birthday party is coming soon and we are celebrating it a few days earlier from his actual birthday. We picked Jollibee as our party venue and we love their spaghetti and Chicken Joy. Part of the preps is some DIY party items which will be included there. The Jollibee package includes food, 30 balloons with sticks (which will only be placed on the table), host, game prizes, Jollibee mascot appearance and venue. We purchased some party hats for a minimal cost. I’d like to make the party a little bit more festive by sprucing it up with some decors.
There will be different DIY projects so stay tuned!

I will feature the recycled race car first. It took me some time to round up a bunch of empty toilet rolls and some boxes for me to use with this project.

DIY Recycled Race Car:

Here’s what you’ll need: Empty toilet rolls Old boxes/cartons/cardboard Art paper (optional; you can buy or you can use any paper lying around the house) Paint (optional; some prefer to paint their cars) Color…

Carrier Review: Soul Slings' Prism Surprise Handwoven wrap

Type of Carrier: Soul Slings’ Handwoven Wrap

Wrap details: Prism Surprise; 100% cotton – handwoven; Orange weft; size 6 - Approximately 4.9 meters/ 196 inches long and 30 inches wide.

Wrappee:  BabyG (boy)– 10 months – 10kgs/22 lbs Wrapper:  small – chubby build - US Size 10

First glance – Beastly but beautiful -  rough and tough were the first words I had after the first wash as I braided it for a week; 2nd week, I asked our babywearing parents:  Amber and Prince to break it in for another week.1It has a couple of pulls or loose threads from the start and it’s only natural with handwoven cotton wraps. Better be careful when using this as it can get caught by sharp edges and the thread may be pulled.

Grandma and Baby G (next 3 photos) Photo credits by yours truly!

Fast forward to 3rd week and it was more moldable yet still grippy to secure your carry. My Mom tried this wrap (I assisted her and she was in awe on how I wrap Baby G by myself) and she said they were comfy and she loved how t…

Carrier Review: Baby SaBye Mei Tai

Type of Carrier: Baby SaBye Mei Tai
Carrier details: Mei Tai  - reversible blue and red; standard size; handwoven 100% natural cotton; vegetable dye
The back is 14.5 inches (at waist) and 16 inches (at shoulder) wide; 17 inches tall without waist strap. Each shoulder strap is 9.5 to 10.5 inches wide, and 87 inches long. Waist strap is 3 inches wide and 69 inches long.
Wrappee:  BabyG (boy)– 10 months – 10kgs/22 lbs
Wrapper:  small – chubby build –US size 10

First glance – Baby Sabye Mei Tai looked thick and a bit rough. This is my first time to try a mei tai and I had some reservations with the straps, the size where Baby G will “sit on”  and if it can withstand Baby G’s weight on the get-go. When I tried tying the waist belt, it was crunchy and I made an effort to tighten the knot to secure it. The straps were thinner than the waist belt which was floppy and flexible. When I wore Baby G, it was an instant hit with us!

This Mei Tai has been with us for about 3 weeks because we had other test…

Carrier Review: Soul Slings' Ring Sling Celadon - Handwoven

post washed and braided for almost a week to break in

Soul Slings' tester stash: pre-washed

Type of Carrier: Soul Slings’ Ring Sling Wrap details: Celadon (teal green); 100% cotton – handwoven; 28 inches wide and 83 Inches long Wrappee:  BabyG (boy)– 10 months – 10kgs/22 lbs Wrapper:  small – chubby build

First glance – It was stiff and neatly ironed when I first had my hands on Celadon. It seemed unyielding to my molding powers as I braided it to be less “beastly”. Like most 100% cotton handwoven wraps, this needs more breaking in compared to Sapphire 100% linen which was lightweight, floppy and a tad slippy. Once broken in, Celadon is very supportive and essentially maintains grip to lock your sling position in place.

Design – 100% cotton blend can be a little thicker compared to its linen sling sisters. Yet still breathable but not as cool and breezy like linen. Celadon with white stripes is, again, gender neutral.
Weather/season – I recommend wearing this on a windy day if you stay …

Carrier Review: Soul Slings' Sapphire Sling Ring

Type of Carrier: Soul Slings’ Ring Sling Carrier details: Sapphire (Dark Blue); 100% linen – machine woven; 27 inches wide and 83 Inches long Wrappee:  BabyG (boy)– 10 months – 10kgs/22 lbs Wrapper:  small – chubby build
My first impression was it was very thin, light and flimsy. I was thinking my 10-kilo/22lb champ may be too much to handle for this. Soul Slings Ring Slings’ limit is 15gs or about 27lbs.
For my first test run, I wore him at a local flea market to shop for about 2 hours and he was really well-behaved and content being with Mommy all the time (except for occasional curious moments when he wiggles his  arms out and reach for stuff when I’m not looking!). It was not diggy on my shoulders and I just needed to adjust whenever I needed.

D'Town Diet: 1-Month Vegan Challenge

image from google

Back when Mr. D'Town and I were dating, we led a healthy lifestyle. We worked out regularly, ate healthy food, participate in fun runs and go outdoors. When we discovered I got pregnant, it was funny to note that my preggy cravings rubbed off on my husband. We would have a tub of ice cream every weekend! Leading a "parental" lifestyle led to the infamous "monogamy weight". Our old look and lifestyle seemed far fetched now.

Then, a friend from Facebook shared this very interesting challenge!

So, I decided to email Nancy Siy and she responded right away, armed with information and details about this Vegan revolution. I was assigned a mentor as well and she is very helpful and very approachable. I find her approach very realistic and her suggestions hail from her very own experiences, her own challenges on the road to Veganism.
Mr. D'Town was quite hesitant because it's a massive change to our eating habits... to our lives! Who doesn'…

Carrier Review: Soul Slings' Ring Sling - Double Layer Coal Chambray

Type of Carrier: Soul Slings’ Ring Sling Carrier details: Coal Chambray Double Layer (reversible); 100% linen; 28 inches wide and 83 Inches long Wrappee:  BabyG (boy)– 10 months – 10kgs/22 lbs Wrapper:  small – chubby build
I was very excited to try this when it first arrived. Aside from the fact that it’ll be my first ring sling to try, it is also from India. I just have to say that it arrived really fast via DHL; it just took less than 5 days.
This ‘soul’ number is straight from the mystical land of India where it holds a pocketful of sleepy dust and cushion.
A quick look at how it started: co-owner Chinmayie is a mother of two lovely children and discovered a need for better options than the standard bulky, padded carriers. Ring Slings were not available in India and she had to order from the US so, one day, she decided to take the reigns of design and business that’s when the Soul Slings was born.

Design– Double layer spells double comfort. It was already fluffy before I washed…