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SAHM TV: TV Guilty Pleasures

Blog entry:  TV Guilty Pleasure

First of all, there's a whole lot of misconception that we, SAHMs, are "just" at home and that's all there is to it. We are busy Queen Bees in our own hives. We do chores, cook decent, edible (and sometimes 5-star quality *wink*) meals on top of handling little tykes. These darlings may be small but they can be a handful. As Stay-at-home Moms, we also need a break from our "workload" and we turn the TV on in hopes to see something that can take our mind off all the worries, chores and the list of other things we need to/want to do for the day (or even the next day!).

What are your TV guilty pleasures?
The kind of which you think you would not really like as much but then you suddenly find yourself following them. Back when I was single, I only had limited TV time and I just selectively watch what truly captured my interest.

Here are my Top 5 TV guilty pleasures:

1.) Keeping Up with The Kardashians
- Ever since they started this show, I really could not keep up with it. There were too many "K" names and family members plus, I don't really know them. So why bother? Over the years, the Kardashian-Jenner ladies (yes, including Caitlyn) have grown really popular and grew their own brand and flavor in the entertainment and fashion industry. I still did not get it back then. It seemed like they do not have a concrete talent or skill of some sort. There are other beautiful people with seemingly more remarkable credentials than they do. If you come to think of it, they do have the skills and the talents when it comes to their branding, marketing their lifestyle and business to a reality show and making more than what they already have as Calabasas' socialites. They managed and evolved themselves into Hollywood celebrities. That, for me, involves a lot of business: investments, connections, strategies and of course, money. They have money and money-makers. I love Kendall by the way. ;)

2.) Cupcake Wars
- There was a time (about 2 years back or more) when cupcakes were all the rage. Again, I did not get it. I'd rather have a slice of cake or the real cake. I thought it was small and not as flavorful as the real deal and I used to find cupcakes too sweet (or I was at the wrong cupcake place). I even liked muffins more than cupcakes and don't get me started with red velvet flavor. I did not get the whole hype. My tastebuds were under-whelmed. Fast forward to my pregnancy, I suddenly had a craving for cupcakes and that's where it all started. When I was on Maternity Leave, I followed Cupcake Wars every single day, same time, same channel! Oh, I like red velvet now, too. I found nice cupcake places. 

3.) America's Next Top Model
- I followed it for three cycles then stopped then followed cycle 10 and that was it. I always see a re-run on certain cable channels and since it's always there,  I thought I can catch it later but I didn't. Again, my Maternity leave kicked in and I was reunited and was able to watch Cycle 20 onwards. Yes, currently following Cycle 22. I also missed hilarious but extremely helpful TyTy tips on modelling.

4.) Master Chef (and the Jr. Show, other cooking shows)
- I had no interest ever since it started or other cooking reality shows. I thought there's nothing exciting about a "contest" cooking show. When I got pregnant and got together with Mr. Dtown, I started cooking as well. I prepared homecooked meals for us to take for work. Until I found myself stuck in a rut when making weekly meal plans and I get inspired to cook or try new dishes.9 I don't think I'm a chef material. I just have a working knowledge of how Filipino dishes are made: they all start with sautee-ing garlic then add onions and tomatoes depending on the dish. I'm just lucky that Mr. Dtown loves my cooking! If there's "Happy wife, happy life", there's also "Happy tummy, Happy Hubby".

5.) Devious Maids
- I'm not really into telenovelas or soap opera types of shows except when we were younger when you didn't have a choice but to watch those with your older family members or that you didn't have cable channels (or back when there's nothing but Seventh Heaven marathon and Jesus/Bible story movies during Holy Week). When I saw this on cable, my interest was sparked by how these so-called maids did not look like maids! How they keep Beverly Hills mansions sparkly clean. The mysterious murder got me hooked and I wanted to solve the mystery, knowing how soap operas usually work but, to my surprise, it was actually modern, sassy and witty. I am not a neat freak myself but Mr. Dtown is. I get my inspiration from these "maids" for doing chores and making sure I still look presentable even when I'm at home (a reminder is helpful, too, you know!).

So, there you have it. Do you also watch any of these shows? Are there any other shows you might want to recommend? Bump off a comment or two! :)


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