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Babywearing: a pleasant acquaintance turned best friend

As someone new on the block, parenthood was kind of a rocket science for Mr. D'Town and I. We were bombarded with overwhelming information, unsolicited advice and trapped with a couple of stereotypical child/baby-rearing from family, friends and media. 

One of the entrapments of parenthood is for you to avoid getting your child used to being held or carried. It is an age-old debate but my take is, your child, your rules (as long as it is safe and legit!). Baby G was a colicky baby and he woke up when he needed burping or he would let out air then cry. It was unbearable. He is a loud cry-er, too, so imagine the agony you feel when nothing seems to work. On top of that, he has this uncanny sense of smell about him that when I leave his side, he wakes up! 

Another hurdle was, it was hard to transfer Baby G from arms to crib or to the stroller, he cried when we're not successful, which happened too often.

My friend, ZMrs.Carpio, said "Why not try babywearing? and join this Babywearing group?" and so I did. At first, the group was just daunting for a newbie like me. They have these alien codes: FWCC, FCC, SSC, Tula, woven, ring slings, kangaroo, etc. I was like "Say Whaaaat...?". I lurked on. Then, another Mommy friend  (and Master Wrapper), Mrs.Winner, said "Ate, why don't you try your hand at  wraps?" and she showed me pictures and links. I did not have a single carrier back then.

 My DIY scarf carry - Baby G at 3 months

  My DIY scarf carry - Baby G at 3 months

Baby G at 3 months - 1st successful transfer!

Baby G at 8 months - waiting for our Forest Green to dry

After careful reading and research, I decided to try my DIY Scarf carry so I can cook and do other things at home. With sweat and a few tears from the new DIY carrier, Baby G and I were joined at the hip and ready to go. Posted a few photos on my social media and my friends were very happy and very encouraging and that's where it all started. 

I managed to get Mr. D'Town's budget approval and support--- voila! We have our one little precious Forest Green by Little Snuggie Baby (a local Mommy retailer). We were able to calm, soothe and make Baby G fall soundly asleep. Mr. D'Town gets to wear him when he gets home or over the weekends when we do our errands or hear Mass. We were also able to go to a theme park and he was able to nap through the noise!

Grandma wearing Baby G at 6 months - she was a bit hesitant and nervous at first. :)

My niece was curious to try and had fun with it. 

I also had my Mom and my niece try and wear him, too. Spreading the love of Babywearing in the family. Remember, they are only very little and young, once. Time flies so fast with these little troopers so hold them close while you still can. I just wished I discovered this sooner and wore Baby G when he was a newborn. He was already 4 months when we started this adventure.

I never thought I'd say this but, Babywearing saves the day! 

Stay tuned for more adventures and reviews as I try different wraps I holiday or test, too. :)


I'm wearing Baby G right now on a ruck and he's knocked out! ;)

ZMrsCarpio is a Christian blogger wife and Mom; find out more on how to lead a holy, holistic approach on life and marriage at and

MrsWinner is a proud owner of Artsy Pantsy for  creative designs, The Beauty Shack PH for health and other Mommy needs plus, Wear Your Baby PH, a library of different carriers - please stay tuned for this, too!


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