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Working Momma Life

It’s been almost a year since I started working again. My company anniversary is just a day away from my birthday next month. As I begin re-counting how I started, I simply feel thankful. It’s been a very exhausting but productive end of the year (and now, the start of the year). Mr. D’Town and I are left without help as soon as November 30 which reminds me of probably starting my Yaya Diaries, if given some time to write again. We manage by taking turns before and after our shifts, as if we’re roommates. Sometimes, when my Mom can, she helps us take care of Baby G for 3 to 5 days depending on the shift we have. I’m squeezing in this entry for this brand new start of 2017 (while Baby G is fast asleep and sprawled in the middle of the bed and me? at the foot of the bed with the lappy). That I really do welcome its challenges and the new goals we have ahead.

I could not imagine how 10 levels higher of a difficulty would be for us as full time working parents compared to one of us working. Please note that being on both sides of the fence helped me appreciate and provide a profound admiration and HUGE empathy for both working and stay-at-home Mommies: from breastfeeding to mixed feeding, to baby led weaning to Tamang Kain to introducing cookies, processed food and artificial juice or Milo, from babywearing to just simply carrying a stroller around, from no-screen to a lot of screen time to partial screen time. We’ve all been there. There’s no set manual for parents, especially first time parents. Babies, like adults, are different and I’m sure that no siblings are alike, therefore, all kids can be different. I barely have a social life and would rather hang out with Mr. D’Town or chill at home. To my friends out there, especially my Mommy friends, I love you. I just simply don’t have enough energy and time, I’m still trying to figure things out on how to juggle the entire thing. What’s the secret? Do what works for you. Drown out any form of unsolicited advice, or social media shaming or Marthe Stewart comparisons. Be realistic. As a mother nowadays, we have a lot of Celebrity Moms, Socialite Moms, Blogger Moms, and our very own Mommy friends and acquaintances to check on and see what’s going on and how they’re keeping up with everything. I can tell you this, my Mommy sisters, we all have a lot of things going on, we all have a lot of struggles, and toddlers can really throw terrible tantrums so it’s not your fault, you did your best and gave your all… and a great big hug that you’re doing great. Amidst the whirl of chores, errands and countless responses to cries, booboos and milk, you are doing great, my dear. So hang in there!

I'm really lucky with my new job because I work with a pool of people who never made me feel like the "new girl" or "others". They were very accommodating, approachable and make work worthwhile despite the challenges we face -- sometimes, Fridays feel like a Monday! Being the new girl, who was given a chance to host two big parties last year, those hosting experiences can help open doors of opportunities! I also discovered that I have a knack for voice over recordings like those voices you hear for sponsors/ads, reminders or voice over host (without really hosting), I'm still testing the waters and who knows what the future brings! Being a full time Mom and wife is a big responsibility and a huge change and adjustment for women, but that should not hinder us from looking and feeling great, pursuing passions and learning new things, be it big or small skills. 

***Credits to the owner of this photo***

Yes, Moms are super! They can also be WonderWoman like “I wonder where I left my keys… I wonder where I left my lipstick…” - this is so me! haha! Just breathe, take some time off, even for just for a few minutes to rest and eat something! Refresh yourself with coffee or a curl up in a blanket with a good book while baby is napping. So what, if the dishes are not washed, there will be more later so save that for one big wash! J

Part of the challenge here is taking care of yourself. It feels like Moms take care of everyone and everything else but herself - be it as a Domestic Diva or a Career Warrior. Again, be realistic with your goals and don’t be too hard on yourself. My goal, this year, is to workout and cook/eat healthy food for the family. Another thing I vow to do is, to spend at least 10 minutes for me to put on at least a bare or natural looking make up. I wish I have the time! My goal is too look presentable and fresh. My line of work entails me to deal with people all the time like almost as hosting your own show or a seminar. 

I really do spend so much time working on my eyebrows before I walk into daylight (God forbid!) so they can be “on fleek” as millennials call it. I rely on checking Pinterest or Youtube tutorials. I really wish that I can learn more  so it’ll be easier for me to pick out what kinds of make up brushes or tools, or picking the right shade for foundation and eye shadow without looking like a clown.  I’m just starting out with make up recently and I don’t want to look overly or poorly done.

Luckily, there’s Beauty and Momness (click here: which offers “a series of classes designed to inspire moms to find time for beauty and wellness amidst the hustle and bustle of motherhood.” Sounds perfect for Moms like you and me. I hope to see and meet you, ladies, there! I'm looking forward to more deets but so far the link up there will tell us what's in store. 

More of the Working Momma musings later and will revert to Mommy mode -- duty calls! Until next time! xoxo


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