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Carrier Review: Oscha Slings Epic Surya

Type of Carrier:
Surya Epic by Oscha

Carrier details:
Woven wrap in size 6; Jacquard weave; 180 gsm

Fabric Content: 72% Organic Cotton, 28%

 BabyG (boy)– 21 months – 13kgs

small (height) – chubby build –US size 8

Check out Oscha Slings here:
Instagram:  @oschaslings

Oscha Slings hails from a small family business in Scotland. Their babywearing advocacy can be traced all the way back to the Welsh Nursing Shawl which was used by the family for three generations. Oscha takes pride in the great tradition of artistry and craftsmanship in their jacquard woven wrap and dye work which are evident with their gorgeous array of sling collections. They also collaborate internationally for inspiration and design.

Celrtic Knot finish - a lucky shot!

At First Glance
I  was mesmerized by the intricacy and the ocean hue of this wrap. My eyes, though busy scanning all the details, are cooled by the reminiscent colors of the sea: blue, green and traces of white little bubbles. It is soft and thin on your fingertips, but not as fragile as one would think. The “Surya” sun print is also very unique and a first design for me to see.

I did not get to wear Baby G at first since I’m already a working mom (and working on my transition from Stay-At-Home life to Working Mom --- watch out for that!) I barely wear during week days. I decided to bring this Scottish stunner to the office for a “Show and Tell” of babywearing to excited "expecting" colleagues. What meant as “Show and Tell” later turned out as mini photoshoot. Indeed, the Moms-to-be gushed and crushed on Surya Epic and were convinced to wear their little squishes once their out! You’re welcome, ladies.

It is very eye-catching yet cool to the eyes. I love the beach so this wrap tugged at the heart strings from the moment I saw it. This can instantly brighten up a simple dress or outfit and can also be a good match for elegant occasions.

Oscha Sling is Great Britain’s first jacquard woven sling company and that’s what you’ll see with Surya epic, up close and personal. I must admit that pure cotton or cotton-linen blends can be tough and rough on the skin when not well-broken in. This ice cotton-cotton blend is just naturally comfortable and breezy to wear

What is Ice Cotton? Let me quote this from Textile Glossary:

Cotton Ice is a six-ply, 65% combed cotton/35% bright viscose rayon with 2,100 yds/lb. It is an excellent blend combining the softness of cotton with the sheen and dyeability of rayon. This high twist yarn resists pilling, yet gives a soft tailored garment. Cotton Ice is an ideal yarn for Spring. Also, Cotton Ice can be used for weaving. Hand wash/Flat dry or Dry Clean.

So, that explains ice cotton as a way of spinning/weaving cotton give that extra softness and sheen. That’s why Surya has some sheen against the light. Ice Cotton is soft, thin and cool for hotter summers (or spring) and humid weather. This is just perfect for Mommy’s bare shoulder and baby to feel fresh and snugged against Mommy even during walks or doing household chores. 

I also find this flimsy and manageable to adjust, although, we need to be a little careful when pulling/adjusting/tightening since this beauty is thin and may be prone for thread shifting but won’t get broken due to the jacquard weave. With the right supportive carry like a back carry with double passes, this Scottish stunner is easy, breezy for toddler carries.

Quick tip for lessening shoulder or back stress: always try and spread the wrap/straps of your carrier on your shoulders and across your back for maximum support. Front carries can be difficult as your baby grows which explains Moms  doing a lot of back carrying when the babies grow into toddlerhood. ;)

As you can see, we no longer “wear” as frequently as before but we wear for fun and when Baby G gets tired or fuzzy when sick. Although few, these moments are still worth savoring. So, wear them as long as you can and enjoy your babywearing journey!

Great for the sunny season here even the humidity that the rainy season brings. The softness and thinness of the ice cotton did its justice!

Mummy budget
A good investment for Mommies (or Daddies) looking for a unique and lightweight wrap that can grow with baby in time.


Owning an Oscha Sling is like owning a family heirloom. Their passion and craftsmanship echo in their beautifully woven wraps. They are very innovative with their designs and sourcing great materials for a wonderful babywearing experience for families. This means that they only produce a limited number of slings/wraps in their collections and expect to do a manhunt for your favorites because they will come up with newer ones which can be an added favorite to the babywearing shopping list. 

*** Photo credits to Mr. D'Town 💗


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