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Carrier Review: Nona Imagine Blue Ice Wrap

Type of Carrier: Nona Imagine Blue Ice
Toddler: 13 months, 11kgs
Wearer: 5” tall Chubby build; US Size 10
Type of Carrier: Imagine Blue Ice Woven Wrap
Brand: Nona Woven Wraps
Authorized Local Retailers/Distributors: (Coming Soon)
Size: 5 (490x72cm / 4.2M)
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
Type of weave: Jacquard
Surface Weight: 246gr/m2
Width: 72cm / 28 inches
Suitable for toddlers; Machine Washable

About Nona Wraps – two Dutch Moms: Musetta and Jessica decided to turn their babywearing passion into a business hailing all the way from the Netherland. The nice part of this was these moms met through babywearing. Now, that’s the dream!
The name ‘Nona’ (“ninth”) was  conceptualized from one of the three spin Goddesses of the thread of life and she’s also known as the Goddess of pregnancy called upon by pregnant women when they’re about to give birth on their 9th month of pregnancy.
Their goal is to “to provide a stylish and dependable wrap for every budget!”.

First Glance – As a Momma of “One-der wrap”, we only have our precious little Forest Green, this is the first woven wrap I wore and tested with absolutely stunning pattern – very regal and a definite headturner. It breaks the “stripes barrier” most woven wrap patterns come in. I perused every strand, every thread of the jacquard weave. You can definitely feel the intricate patterns at your fingertips.
I instantly unwrapped it once I got it from the mail and carried Baby G in a jiffy without a care whether it’s washed or not! (it is washed by the previous Momma Fluffinay).

Design – This wrap can make any outfit stand out with its design. I also think that this can be reversible and sloppy wrap jobs can be masked by the Imagine Blue Ice motif. My problem is having uneven tails and discover it too late when I’m done with my wrap job! With Imagine Blue Ice’s tapered ends, it gives a cascading waterfall illusion and the uneven tails are no longer obvious.
I have one shoot here where I just got out of the house unexpectedly to pick my sister-in-law from the bus terminal that I did not bother dressing up. We had some waiting time to spare so I was able to take some photos with it by the bay area where we hung out a little bit. I also could not wait to show it off when we visited and heard Mass at the majestic, historic Manila Cathedral. It helped Baby G rock to sleep as it was past his naptime when we were there.
The wrap is tightly woven and has a thicker finish. It can be very moldable and grippy but its thickness can get in the way of tightening sometimes. The thickness of the wrap, for me, made it very supportive and I don’t feel any strain on my back or my shoulders. Please do take note that this is dependent on the wearer and the weight of your little boo plus the type of carries/finishes you do. I will discuss the carries I have done in a bit.
The thick, “blanket-y” feel of Nona Imagine Blue ice can be overwhelming for first time wrappers and may be confusing with the repetitive frost patterns but sloppy wrap jobs are definitely incognito!

Weather/Season – I highly recommend this for cold seasons and if it’s here in the Philippines, for areas/seasons where it’s cold because this is very thick and can also function as a blanket.

Types of Carry -  My go-to carry is Knotless FWCC. It’s so easy to pre-tie and just pop baby in and out then adjust even while you walk! Now, that Baby G has been growing heavy, I could not wear him longer than 30 minutes anymore. Usually, I get lower back and/or shoulder strains from wearing him for an hour when we’re out and about. I also did FWCC tied at the back (double knot) when Baby G was down for his 2nd nap of the day at the Ocean Park. I did back carry, too with Goddess finish. Back carries for me are more supportive than the front ones with most wraps and one mei tai I have tried. With Nona, I liked the support it provided me for my front carries. The back carry with the Goddess finish was diggy for me and it may be, possibly, need more adjustment from my end.

Mommy Budget – When you say European brands, it can be disheartening to look at the price tag. We all know Oscha, Diva Milano, Little Frog all from European countries can create a crater in our Mommy pockets. As part of my introduction of the Nona brand, these Momma CEOs definitely delivered stylish, high end, budget-friendly wraps right into the Babywearing market we have here in the Philippines.
With hopes up, wallets out and a heart full of excitement, I’ve quoted Fluffinay’s pricelist from Nona and the Philippines peso conversions  (publish date: January 18, 2016):
Price in Euro           Price in Peso
Size 2 € 42                Php 2185.70
Size 3 € 47                Php 2445.90
Size 4 € 52                Php 2705.32
Size 5 € 57                Php 2965.74
Size 6 € 62                Php 3225.58
Size 7 € 68                Php 3538.54
Ringsling €50          Php 2601.87

Summary – Style? Check! Budget? Check! Packed with sleepy dust and support? Check!
I give this Netherland beauty 4.9 out of 5 sprinkles of sleepy dust.


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